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In partnership with The Office of Professional Continuing Education at Marywood University, CEYou provides instant access to contemporary trainings for licensed professionals that meet the licensing renewal requirements for multiple professions.

Courses by Category


Suicide Prevention

Cultural Competency

Symptom Specific


Courses in Ethics

Trauma Informed Care: An Ethical Overview

This training provides a general understanding and review of trauma and the importance of having a trauma informed practice. Learn how to define and classify various forms of trauma and ways to avoid and prevent re-traumatization. 

CEUs/Participation Hours: 1


Courses in Suicide Prevention

Exploring Mental Health, Suicidality, and How to Help 

This training educates the participant on the definitions of mental health, mental wellness, common mental health diagnoses, suicide, and related terms.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 2


Suicide with Divorce and/or Marital Disruption 

This training provides a detailed understanding of how divorce and marital separation signify increased risk of suicide among their married counterparts, and further aims to focus upon the risk of suicide of children of divorced parents, and the mental health implications they may face.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 1


Courses in Cultural Competency

Competence in Diversity

Cultural and contextual competency is a lifelong practice of self-reflection and commitment that requires cultural humility.” This program aims to promote the attitudes and beliefs, knowledge, and skills required to respectfully and effectively engage and serve a culturally diverse population.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 2


The Culture of Law Enforcement & the Identity of the Law Enforcement Officer

This course will empower helping professionals achieve more positive behavioral health outcomes when working with the law enforcement population through improved cultural competence and informed application of ACA ethics.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 2


Symptom Specific Courses

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Effects on Physical and Behavioral Health 

This course will describe and explain the presentation of people who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the effects of this disorder throughout the lifespan.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 2 


Spirituality and Counseling 

This training program serves to educate about how spirituality and counseling fit together, the benefits and impact of using the four basic spirituality tools, as well as the step-by-step process of each tool with examples for implementation.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 2


Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: Normalizing the Early Recovery Journey

The Early Recovery Journey is Challenging. This program will review in detail Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), outline and explore the specific skills to manage the common symptoms, review the common symptom progression and remission cycle and define realistic expectations of the recovery journey.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 1


Telehealth Courses

Telehealth Today 

This self-study two hour continuing education course provides post-COVID updates to the education, clinical skill, and ability of the therapist or counselor.  Research is provided which also demonstrates the effectiveness of the telehealth modality of therapy/counseling.  It is essential to ensure that professionals providing services using videoconferencing mediums maintain trained and skilled in the modality in order to offer best quality of care. 

CEUs/Participation Hours: 2


Telebehavioral Health 

After this course, participants will have increased knowledge and skill as it relates to the clinically appropriateness of technology and treatment. Ethical and legal implications will be presented; along with clinical techniques and actions steps human service workers should take to ensure their client's safety when using technology for treatment sessions. Participants will further be introduced to the use of telebehavioral health with the special populations of elderly and adolescent clients.

CEUs/Participation Hours: 8
(includes 2 hours of Ethics)


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